About Spiridon


Having successfully launched late 80’s in the jewelry trade, glassware and authentic Egyptian pottery, Nadim Spiridon decided to take up a new challenge : Create an exclusive lightings collection that combines the qualities of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. Since always fascinated by craft and design, he has repeatedly during his many travels to exercise diligently his eyes esthete and explore their own creative ideas. With a reputation quickly gained in trade shows such as Maison&Objet Paris , Spiridon the company creates, produces and distributes today contemporary lighting collection to an international customers increasingly numerous. Always on the lookout for creativity and new forms, Spiridon continues to always evolve its collections throughout his visual emotions and encounters with artists and craftsmen from all backgrounds.




From Art and cosmopolitan inspiration, the inventive Spiridon creations combine the richness of contemporary design and the know-how of authentic and living craft.

Because our lightings are made ​​by a workforce that still relies on traditional working methods, each product of Spiridon workshops is unique and carries with it sensitivity of the artisan. Attract attention, provoke emotion whet the imagination with games of light and matter, such is the ambition and the creative spark of the Spiridon brand.


Besides the quality, we imagine some original products that tell a story . Behind every product we create, there is a research work by an artist on the materials , the shapes, the light effect. Acquire a Spiridon lighting means not only have a new object, it also allows you to dive into new experiences, new horizons and be involved in the creation of this object.


We carry unique and superior quality handicraft products made by artists and talented artisans. By purchasing a Spiridon lighting you are in direct relationship with designers, artisans and employees of the SMEs. All items are handmade without industrialization, whenever you buy unique creation. So, you are promoting short circuit by turning a local and sustainable economy.